Be Kind t-shirts

Our newest Be Kind t-shirts (Be Kind. It Works Every Time.) are on sale in the front office right now for only $10.

Every Monday is Be Kind Spirit Day.  Students may wear their favorite Be Kind shirt.  Any other day needs to be

Twitchell's Be Kind shirt only.  

Standard Student Attire


    Standard School Attire (SSA) colors for Twitchell Elementary:    Navy blue, white, khaki/tan, burgundy and light blue.   Bottoms only:  Black (skirts, skorts, shorts, and pants, not dresses).


           *  Twill/corduroy/cotton skirts, skorts, dresses, shorts, and pants in solid colors –no jeans or denim-like material.

           *  Shirts or blouses in solid school colors; with or without school logo; short or long sleeved; with or without a collar

           *  Sweaters/sweatshirts/jackets, etc… worn in school must be in solid school colors with or without school logo.

    Further Guidelines

    ·         No stripes or patterns on any student apparel.

    ·         No decorations or embellishments on any student apparel including, but not limited to, words, ribbons, rhinestones, metal studs, tags, designer logos, sport logos, etc.

    ·         Shirts may be polo, crew-neck or button front styles.

    ·         Shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses must be at LEAST fingertip length.

    ·         Outerwear may be any style or color as long as it will be removed during class.  If worn all day in the building, it must be solid school colors.

    ·         Shirts and blouses must cover the waistband of the pants, shorts, skirts or skorts. 

    ·         Tank tops must be at least 3 inches wide on the shoulders. No spaghetti straps or off the shoulder tops allowed.

    ·         No nylon shorts or nylon sweat suits.  NOTE:  Basketball shorts are acceptable as long as they do not contain (but not limited to) holes, frays, rips, tears, etc.

    ·         Shoes – Any style or color of shoe is acceptable (except Wheelies).

    o   Sneakers or athletic type shoes are preferred for days when the student has P.E.

    o   No shoes with high heels.

    o   Sandals are acceptable as long as they have a back strap and toes are covered.

    o   No flip-flops or clogs.

    ·         Socks that are above the ankle, tights and leggings are to be solid school colors

    ·         Hats/caps are not to be worn inside the building, unless it is a designated Student Council Spirit Day.

    ·         Due to the wide variance in legging fabric and thickness, form fitting leggings cannot be worn as pants. They must be worn with a dress, skirt, long tunic or shorts that are appropriate length (at least fingertip length) over them.

    ·         Student Council will identify Spirit Days throughout the school year. On Spirit Days, students who choose NOT to wear ‘Spirit’ dress must follow SSA (not free dress, unless otherwise stated).

Highlighted areas indicate changes that were voted on and approved by our community during the April, 2014 re-vote to continue SSA.
Non-highlighted areas indicate original and continuing SSA guidelines that were voted on and approved by our community in previous re-                            votes to continue SSA.

    Updated 10/24/14

    (Previous update 6-25-12)

    Additional Information: http://CCSD.NET 


    The principal shall retain the authority to grant exceptions for special occasions and/or special conditions.


Lunch with students  

    Parents are always welcome to join their student for lunch during their designated lunch time.  We have designated the courtyard as the place for parents and students to enjoy this time.  We ask that parents check in at the front office and wait for their student to come into the lunch room.  Classroom volunteers should follow the same procedure (go to the office).  The office will call the student up for you and then you can head towards the courtyard with your student.  It’s much quieter there!  For safety and security, parents are not permitted to be on the playground with students during recess or lunch recess or in the lunch room during the grade level lunches.  Thank you for your understanding.

Food Services

Students may purchase breakfast and/or lunch at school.  Breakfast is served each day only from 7:35 – 7:50 a.m. in the MP room.  The cost is $1.25.  Students arriving early for breakfast will not be permitted into the MP Room because we do not have adult supervision available prior to this time.  A complete lunch menu will be in the packet given on the first day of school.  The cost of lunch is $2.00. Milk can be purchased for $.25.  We do suggest that students bring their lunch during the first few weeks of school since it is expected that the lunch lines will be very long and time consuming as they always are during these first few weeks of school.  The lunch supervisor is entering all students into the computer system during this time which can take some time.


Cell phones

In accordance with Clark County School District regulations, students are permitted to have a cell phone at school. However, phones are to remain off and in students’ backpacks during instructional times. Lost, missing, or broken cell phones will not be replaced by the school or school district.