Be Kind t-shirts

Our newest Be Kind t-shirts (Be Kind. It Works Every Time.) are on sale in the front office right now for only $10.

Every Monday is Be Kind Spirit Day.  Students may wear their favorite Be Kind shirt.  Any other day needs to be

Twitchell's Be Kind shirt only.  

Standard Student Attire

Dress and Appearance:

The Clark County School District reserves the right to insist that the dress and grooming of students are within the limits of generally accepted community standards. Neil Twitchell Elementary School has "Standard Student Attire Guidelines" beyond those general guidelines from the district. They are as follows:

    Twitchell Standard Student Attire Guidelines:

    1.  Only the basic colors of khaki, navy, burgundy, light blue, and white are acceptable when purchasing uniforms for your child. Black slacks, shorts, and skirts have been added to the accepted community standards. Note: Nothing above the waist may be black this includes dresses. 

    2.  Students may wear uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on regular meeting days only.

    3.  Girls may wear the following: pants, shorts-must be hemmed and fingertip length, sweaters worn over approved shirts, jackets (optional), sweatshirts/sweatpants(plain or school logo), shirts (long or short-sleeved), skirts or skorts, jumpers, and blouses (long or short-sleeved), plain or school logo).

    4.  Boys may wear the following: pants, shorts- must be hemmed and fingertip length, sweaters worn over approved shirts, jackets (optional), sweatshirts/sweatpants (plain or school logo), and shirts (long or short sleeved).

    5.  Other Options: Students may wear our P.E. t-shirt or school logo clothing items available for purchase at school. These items may be worn along with our basic colors.

    6.  Uniforms do not have to be purchased at a uniform store. Target, Old Navy, JC Penney, and The Gap carry many appropriate items. Only our school logo may be worn on shirts and pants.  No other logos such as Nike, Reebok, etc. may be on shirts or pants.

    Additional Information: http://CCSD.NET


    The principal shall retain the authority to grant exceptions for special occasions and/or special conditions.


Lunch with students  

    Parents are always welcome to join their student for lunch during their designated lunch time.  We have designated the courtyard as the place for parents and students to enjoy this time.  We ask that parents check in at the front office and wait for their student to come into the lunch room.  Classroom volunteers should follow the same procedure (go to the office).  The office will call the student up for you and then you can head towards the courtyard with your student.  It’s much quieter there!  For safety and security, parents are not permitted to be on the playground with students during recess or lunch recess or in the lunch room during the grade level lunches.  Thank you for your understanding.